Virtual DJ & Shoutcast

Virtual DJ

A lot of our clients are using ShoutCast to stream live events through virtual world like Second Life & Open Simulators.
If you’re streaming in Second Life or Open Sims you’ll need to put your stream URL in the Media settings for your land.
To do this, click World from the top menu, select “about land” or “Place Profile/Parcle details” if using viewer 2 or above.
Select the sound tab and enter your stream URL in the Music URL box and click OK. Example:
Your stream/listener URL is a combination of your Radio IP and Radio Port.

Press play button in the Second Life player and you should hear your stream on your land.

  • PHP

  • jQuery

  • GIT

  • HTML5

  • Java Script


  • Python

  • Java

  • NodeJS

  • PostScript

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